2nd FunMax

Krasnoyarsk, Russia

International workshop on functional MAX-materials

We (A. Tarasov, S. Ovchinnikov, and M. Farle) are very happy to announce an international workshop on the properties of Functional MAX Materials (2nd FunMAX 2021) at the Kirensky Institute of Physics and Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk during September 14-17, 2021 in a mixed format (online and on-site).

The 2nd FunMAX workshop is aimed to bring together scientists from different areas in materials science interested in the physical properties of MAX phases (nano-laminated structures consisting of layers of d-elements (M), group IV elements (A) and carbon or nitrogen or boron (X).

We kindly invite experimental and theoretical research contributions related to functional fundamental phenomena as well as design, properties and applications of magnetic nanomaterials.

This year, the workshop is planned to cover the most recent developments in nanomagnetism, including (but not limiting) the following:

  •     MAX phase materials (incl. MXenes)
  •     Synthesis (bulk, films)
  •     Electrical and Thermal Transport
  •     Optical Spectroscopy
  •     Mechanical and chemical properties
  •     Magnetic MAX phases
  •     Superconducting MAX phases
  •     Measurement Techniques
  •     2D Materials: MXenes
  •     Tutorials
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