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Surface hybrid metrology of small samples and full wafersEnviroMETROS, the new addition to our revolutionary Enviro family.

The novel EnviroMETROS series revolutionizes the field of surface hybrid metrology. As core method angle resolved X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy with variable photon energy and variable spot sizes under variable environmental conditions is used for thin film and bulk chemical analysis. LEISS allows high ultimate surface sensitivity.

For electronic characterization UPS, IPES and REELS can be added. Structural information can be retrieved from integrated Raman- and IRRAS. Elemental surface maps correlated with the surface morphology can be characterized by XPS mapping and SEM/SAM. It enables easy sample navigation using position the high precision sample stage.

Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is established as a powerful and wide-ranging non-destructive analytical method. In particular, the precise and reproducible quantification of thin film samples and contamination-related trace signals has helped to answer important questions in fundamental and applied science.

EnviroMETROS enhances the significance of the results in many conventional applications and expands the technique’s horizons by adding variable information depth and environments. Feel free to browse the growing application note catalogue on the SPECSGROUP website

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