New EnviroESCA Demo System at SPECS Headquarters

Latest add-ons enhance the capabilities for our customers

The SPECS EnviroESCA, introduced to the market about 5 years ago, is the only fully automated ESCA/XPS system capable of operating at pressures up to 50 mbar, thus enabling experiments on non-vacuum compatible samples, including liquids. Since it is such a unique machine, many researchers were thrilled to have the opportunity to send in their samples and have them analyzed by our applications experts on the EnviroESCA prototype machine, which served since its installation in 2017 as a resident demo machine at our headquarters in Berlin. In this function the system impressed many visitors, coming by to attend an EnviroESCA demo or stepping into the lab by chance. A total of 41 scientific publications built around data collected on the EnviroESCA demo system, some of which are referenced below, attest to the great performance and versatility of the EnviroESCA system. It even convinced customers to buy the refurbished demo system right away, now serving in their laboratory as a workhorse in every day operation.

The replacement system will be up and running by end of April. It will be a new EnviroESCA, of course, including a number of experimental add-ons to make the machine even more versatile and fulfilling even more wishes of our customer base. Those add-ons include heating and cooling capability by resistive button heater and Peltier cooling cell, enabling experiments from 0 °C to 600 °C, a state of the art gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) sputtering system and a liquid cell. Using these capabilities, we will continue to demonstrate the unique power of EnviroESCA by generating excellent data for potential customers, using their very own samples. The demo system will furthermore be ready to fill the needs of researchers, academic or industrial, who require service measurements on such a unique ESCA/XPS machine.

Some highlights among the publications based on data collected on our EnviroESCA prototype unit include
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