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Optimized Small Spot Laboratory VUV Light Source for UPS, ARPES and Momentum Microscopy

µSIRIUS with the new µFOCAL 100 optics is a next generation spectroscopic VUV light source for laboratory operation. As a successor of the leading small spot UV light source, the UVS 300, we further developed the well established standard in ARPES instrumentation with improvements on lifetime, focusing and flux density for unrivalled UPS, ARPES and Momentum Microscopy performance.

The µSIRIUS is a duo-plasmatron discharge light source entirely designed for additive manufacturing. Thus an optimized cooling system could be realized with real full UHV capability and an improved standing time of the cathode/anode section. Even the filament lifetime can reach up to 5.000 hours and more, while the maximum current of the anode section has almost been tripled. Due to smart manufacturing, the magnet section is completely detachable allowing for a full UHV bakeout. All noble gases can be used usable from the important standard He I and He II emission lines at highest performance to the emission lines of the heavy gases Xe and Kr.

The µSIRIUS is perfectly combined with a new generation of elliptical capillaries, reaching spot sizes well below 100 µm or smaller on the sample surface in a near perfect Gaussian shape. As a consequence a real small spot source with photon flux densities above 1x1015 photons/s*mm² rivals even Synchrotron performance. This combination makes the µSIRIUS small spot a perfect team with the new generation of small pot APRES analyzers and momentum microscopes.

Optionally µSIRIUS can be combined with the proven ellipsoidal transfer capillary (ETC optics) forming an economic package. For highend use the TMM 304 monochromator with focussing optics delivers unsurpassed energy and angle resolution. The new COSCON SUVS power supply enables full computer control of the experiment with automated and stabilized operation and gas handling.

Key Specifications

  • Optimal Focusing to 100/300 µm
  • Ease of Operation
  • Up to 1x1015 photons/s*mm²
  • Long Lifetime < 5.000 h
  • Variable Excitation Lines
  • Monochromator available

For more details refer to our product page.

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