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RHEED (Reflection High Energy Diffraction) High Energy Electron Gun for Structural Analysis and In-situ Growth Monitoring of Thin Films

The SPECS 30 kV RHEED electron gun is a fully UHV compatible RHEED gun bakeable to 120 °C and includes all the features and options required to take advantage of this powerful analysis technique. Capable of being operated over a wide range of pressures RHEED can be used in a variety of applications such as molecular beam epitaxy, thin film deposition, chemical vapour deposition, sputter deposition (may need differential pumping) and other coating and deposition techniques. The RHD-30 system consists of the RHEED gun, the power supply and a remote control for convenient adjustment of the beam parameters when viewing the RHEED screen. Factory alignment of the gun ensures that filament replacement is very straightforward with the minimum of alignment required. Full control of the grid voltage (Wehnelt) allows electronic aperturing of the beam and independent control of spot size and intensity unlike self- or auto-bias designs. Focusing and deflection elements are external to the vacuum and hence immune to coating by materials in the vacuum which can cause instability in electrostatic focus and deflection systems. Built in beam blanking allows the beam to be turned off without disturbing the HV and filament settings for rapid recovery of the diffraction pattern when required and is often used to minimise the electron load on the sample.


  • 30 kV Maximum Primary Energy 
  • Factory Calibrated 
  • X-Y Deflection 
  • Ex-Vacuo Magnetic Lens and Deflection System 
  • Adjustable X-Y Orientation 
  • Wired Remote Control Option




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Product description
Article No.
Cathode for RHD30/FG22 incl. packaging

Tungsten hairpin filament for RHD30/FG22

RHEED Screen (Al 6")Aluminium coated, DN 100 CF (6")

Exchange RHEED Screen (Al 6") Aluminium coated, DN 100 CF (6"). For higher intensity, use with energies > 8 kV

RHEED Screen (Al 8")Aluminium coated, DN 160 CF (8")

Exchange RHEED Screen (Al 8") Aluminium coated, DN 160 CF (8"). For higher intensity, use with energies > 8 kV

RHEED Screen (ITO 8")ITO coated, DN 160 CF (8")

Exchange RHEED Screen (ITO 8"). ITO coated, DN 160 CF (8"). Suitable for lower energies.

RHEED Screen ITO coated, DN 100 CF (6")

Excange RHEED Screen ITO coated, DN 100 CF (6"). Suitable for lower energies



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