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ProvenX PS for state-of-the-art XPS and UPS analysis

The ProvenX system series is based on the long experience of SPECS in building high performance analysis systems, for surface analysis. This system concept combines the most required analysis techniques with the latest and proven technology for ultimate performance. 

The ProvenX-PS system is a dedicated XPS/UPS system, equipped with PHOIBOS 150 electron analyzer with ultra-fast 128 channel delay-line detector with snapshot capability, FOCUS 500 dual anode monochromated X-ray source and optional UVS 10 high-flux UV source. The system comes with a clean UHV sample storage facility and a multi sample fast entry loadlock and can be additionally equipped with a dedicated preparation chamber as well as HPC 20 high pressure cell.

System control is done by the SpecsLab Prodigy software suite with integrated remote control packages, automated sample handling and a computer based vacuum control system.

The system can be equipped with an optional small spot x-ray source for material characterization, ion sources as well as electron and charge neutralization sources. Additional software and preparation tools are available.


  • PHOIBOS 150 energy analyzer with up to +/-15° acceptance angle
  • Energy Resolution <2 meV
  • High-performance dual anode monochromatic X-ray source FOCUS 500 with Al Kα and Ag Lα anode
  • 4-axes sample manipulator with e-beam heating and LN2 cooling
  • Analysis module with base pressure < 5x10-10 mbar
  • Optional small spot X-Ray source with < 250 µm
  • Optional UV source UVS 10/35 for UPS measurements
  • SpecsLab Prodigy Software Suite
  • Vacuum control software for system operation


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