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PCS-RF-PS (300/600/MT/AT)

Power Supply for PCS-RF Radio Frequency Plasma Sources. 300 W and 600 W Versions with Control Unit for Impedance Matching Autotuning

The PCS-RF PS is a high voltage power supply  used generate plasma in the PCS-RF radio frequency plasma sources. It comes  in 300 W or 600 W versions, including impedance matching unit and the control unit to  autotune the impedance matching. It provides all necessary voltages for an atom source.

For the operation of  ion and hybrid sources the PCS-RF power supply is additionally required, where grid voltages can be applied. It supplies high voltages to the anode and extractor and allows to read the ion currents from these electrodes.

Optionally, PCS-IT control unit for atom sources can be supplied in order to deflect the ions.The optional ion trap consists of two electrodes on the front of the source. With a high voltage applied, positive and negative ions are attracted to the plates and thereby removed from the atom beam.


  • PCS-RF  power supply with impedance matching unit
  • PCS-GPS power supply for ion and hybrid sources
  • PCS-IT power supply for ion trapping in atom sources




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