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Mini Microwave  Atom Plasma Cracker Source for Nitrogen or Reduced Nitrogen Gases for Most Demanding MBE Applications in Small Vacuum Chambers

The mini microwave atom plasma source for nitrogen or nitrogen gases PCS-ECR-AN is a fully UHV compatible component for most demanding MBE applications and surface modifications, suitable for a wide range of vacuum levels (UHV to HV) in small chambers. Microwaves with a frequency of 2.45 GHz are generated by a microwave magnetron and coupled into the plasma chamber, where a plasma is excited and the microwaves absorbed. The plasma density is enhanced by the magnetron cyclotron resonance effect, provided by a 86 mT magnetic quadrupole arranged around the plasma chamber. The electrons undergo electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) motion, which greatly enhances the electron path length and therefore the probability of collision with other molecules and subsequent ionisation. A specially designed aperture inhibits the release of ions from the plasma while allowing neutral nitrogen atoms to effuse out. The particles emitted from the source are largely thermalized ( <1 eV) and therefore, this plasma source is suitable for sensitive samples.

The source is fully bakeable, with an all-welded stainless steel vacuum envelope, and outstanding cooling from a full length water-jacket.With additional sets of the user-exchangeable apertures and extraction grids, the source can be easily reconfigured for oxidizing gases, as a downstram plasma source or as a dedicated atom or ion source.The small mounting flange (DN40CF) makes the source suitable where space constraints are an issue.


  • Small mounting flange
  • Filamentless design permits operation with reactive gases
  • No microwave tuning required
  • Unique integrated shutter and current monitor option
  • Trivial bakeout preparation ~1 minute
  • Integral water cooling jacket
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