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Laser Pointer

Laser Pointer for High Precision Sample Adjustment in UHV Systems

Laser Pointers serve as instruments to position or align samples, especially small sample structures (e.g. dots, small diameter areas) or to position other components, like sources and/or analyzers in a very precise manner within the UHV chamber. Laser Pointers are made up of the laser beam module (LED), polarizer elements to dim the beam intensity, and x-y tools to position and fix the laser spot. They all reside in one housing, which is physically stable and has the ability to be removed for bakeout. TheSPECS Laser Pointer can be easily and precisely re-installed after bakeout without having to make difficult re-adjustments of the device. Laser pointer comes with mounting system for PHOIBOS (DN40 CF), power unit, linses and polarizer.


  • Laser pointer including power supply
  • Mounting system for flange attachment on PHOIBOS (DN40 CF)
  • Lens
  • Polarizer


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