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Next Generation Electron Momentum Spectrometer for Small Spot ARPES and Momentum Microscopy with Double Hemisphere.

The KREIOS 150 MM Twin is a new generation of electron spectrometers for high performance ARPES and PEEM. The unique lens system combines an immersion lens for PEEM operation with a hemispherical energy analyzer scanning system for unrivaled ARPES measurements. Its lens system aquires the full half sphere of the electron emission for ultimate angular acceptance of 180°.

The KREIOS 150 MM Twin comes with a special lens system for momentum microscopy, showing a constant energy map or a real space map on the detector. The double hemisphere is used for enhanced transmission mode or enhanced resolution mode as the second hemisphere is used as an additional energy dispersive element. Due to the design of the KREIOS lens system and hemisphere, no artificial aberration correction is needed. Integrated deflectors allow changing the microscopy spot without moving the sample. The lens system features apertures to refine the k-space into high contrast and dark field PEEM, as well as field apertures to select a spatial region for µ-ARPES down to 2 µm field of view. The kinetic energy up to 1500 eV allows XPS and XPEEM measurements. With the new CMOS detector the KREIOS 150 is the best performing ARPES analyzer available.

With a 2D CMOS detector it shows outstanding performance in countrate, linearity and a true pulse counting mechanism. It combines a state of the art lens system with a proven hemisphere design for highest transmission and resolution.

This analyzer features the momentum microscopy mode for data aquisition. For a more compact system design the single hemipshere version is available as the KREIOS 150 MM. For Spectroscopy, the KREIOS 150 can be used fully in spectroscopy mode.


  • Ultimate Acceptance Angle
  • Momentum Microscopy Mode
  • Enhanced Transmission or Resolution Mode
  • µ-ARPES with down to 2 µm
  • PEEM Operation with < 50 nm resolution
  • 0.008 Å-1 momentum resolution
  • large Field of View




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