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RF Generator

The Nanonis RF generator is a compact, low phase noise RF signal generator. It is designed for applications requiring CW or pulsed RF and MW signals over a very large range of frequencies or requiring a very low phase-noise RF signal source. The large frequency range up to 40 GHz makes it particularly suited for ESR/EPR experiments or as a local oscillator for quantum computing applications.

The Nanonis RF Generator is a very compact instrument, and that allows a placement very close to the sample or cryostat feedthrough. A multiple local oscillator set-up with several RF generators requires only limited space. Since the RF generator is passively cooled and uses an external power supply, it can be placed directly on experimental set-ups sensitive to vibrations like scanning tunneling microscopes.

The Nanonis RF Generator features an 2.92 mm RF output supporting a frequency range from 1 MHz to 40 GHz and with a power range of -20 dBm to more than +20 dBm (depending on frequency) and a switching time of 500 µs. It offers very low phase noise, for example less than -120 dBc/Hz at 20 GHz with 10 kHz offset.

The generator’s trigger port can alternatively be used for pulse modulation, offering a cost-effective solution for pulsed experiments. An external clock source of 100 MHz or 1 GHz can be used as a reference clock. The instrument also outputs its reference clock signal (generated by an internal OCXO) on a clock-output connector allowing multiple units to output phase-coherent signals.

When purchased in combination with or for a Nanonis System, the instrument is tightly integrated into the Nanonis software. The Nanonis RF Generator can be clocked from a 100 MHz master clock generated by the RC5e reducing trigger uncertainty. All parameters can be used as measurement variables, real-time measurements are possible through triggering. A trigger-engine allows fast pulse modulation measurements with low trigger uncertainty eliminating the need for an AWG for time resolutions above 10 ns.

Available from Summer 2024!


  • 40 GHz frequency range
  • -20 dBm to +20 dBm Power Range
  • Ultra low phase noise
  • fast switching
  • Very compact, passively cooled
  • Full integration into Nanonis software




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