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PD5 piezo driver

The Nanonis piezo driver PD5 combines the low-noise performance of the HVA4 with a ramp generator able to drive slip-stick piezo motors on 8 output lines. Able to drive piezo electrodes with capacitances below 5 nF, the PD5 does not offer the extreme performance of the PMD4, but is a cost-effective replacement for the HVA4 and PMD4 combination for piezo-motors with low capacitance.

piezo driver PD5 von Nanonis

Built with the greatest care, the Nanonis piezo driver PD5 has the lowest noise on the market (same as the HVA4) with a measured value below 70╬╝Vrms in a bandwidth of 300kHz. Specifically designed for SPM applications, it is perfectly suited for atomic resolution imaging on a STM or AFM set-up.

With X, Y, Z inputs and outputs and 8 coarse motion outputs, the PD5 can handle any type of piezo tube scanner and low-capacitance slip-stick motor. X, Y, and Z have independent turn-on switches with LED indicators. A handset allows operation of coarse motion without software control.

Each axis has 4 selectable gains from 3 predefined set depending on the application: (1, 4, 7, 14); (1, 4, 10, 22) or (1, 4, 15, 40). The actual gain is indicated with an LED on the front panel and digitally read-back by the software for a consistent use. The Z- and AUX- channels have a inverter switch to change output polarity.


  • 8-channel piezo motor driver
  • 5-channel low-noise high voltage amplifier
  • For low-capacitance piezo motors




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