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Oscillation Control Software

Oscillation Control Software: Complex AFM measurements made easy

AFM experiments can range from simple intermittent contact imaging to multi-excitation and multi-frequency FM-AFM. The oscillation control software provides the advanced interface required for coping with all of these experimental challenges. It provides a simplified workflow and can be adapted to the complexity of the experiment with a few clicks, guaranteeing that the user only sees what is needed without compromising on functionality.
Under the hood, a set of advanced filters with up to 8th order slope and large cut-off frequency range allows for a precise amplitude and phase determination of the large dynamic range and multispectral signals typical for advanced AFM experiments.


  • Focus on relevant information with a compact and logical interface
  • Easy to configure for multifrequency measurements
  • Optimized feedback loops: PerfectPLL™
  • Integrated Q-control
  • Optimized resonance frequency and Q-factor determination
  • TrueDissipation (requires dual-OC4)


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