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Interferometer controller

Interferometer controller IC 5 controls any interferometer-type deflection measurement

Interferometer controller, controller panel
Front panel of the interferometer controller module showing control parameters
Fabry-Pérot calibration window
Front panel of the calibration window for Fabry-Pérot type cavity
Interferometer controller calibration window setpoint search
Front panel of the calibration window for setpoint selection
Interferometer controller calibration window setpoint selected
Front panel of the calibration window with selected working point

For ultra-sensitive detection of cantilever deflections, fiber interferometry is a powerful technique. Nanonis has introduced an active feedback loop to control the gap between the fiber-end and the back surface of the cantilever, ensuring detection of the cantilever motion at the optimal working point of the interferometer signal.

The module performs an automatic calibration of cantilever deflection and piezo movement according to the wavelength of the laser, and automatically adjusts the operating point in order to optimize the sensitivity.

The deflection can be measured either through the interferometer signal (open loop) or by the piezo movement (closed loop).

The module is compatible with a Fabry-Pérot interferometer type.


  • Controls fiber distance to best working point
  • Automatic calibration with laser wavelength
  • Fabry-Pérot calibration mode 
  • Works in either open or closed loop mode


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