Synchronization of external instruments during Z-spectroscopy

Precise timing for multi-device measurements managed within the Z-spectroscopy module

Complex experiments may require several different instruments to be exactly synchronized, and potentially for each data point acquired during a measurement. All Nanonis Mimea SPM controllers offer high-speed digital ports which can be configured to output trigger signals with precise timing during scanning or spectroscopy measurements.

Already available in bias spectroscopy for a long time, such synchronization options are now also available for the Z-spectroscopy module. Trigger signals can be generated at any stage of the spectroscopy measurement. Duration of the trigger pulse and its position in time with respect to the data points is configured comfortably from the advanced configuration section within the Z-spectroscopy module.

This feature is available for Nanonis Mimea Software V5 and V5e and releases R11391 or above (January 2022)

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