Nijmegen, the Netherlands

The 23rd International Conference on Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy

NC-AFM 2022 is the 23rd of a series of conferences devoted to non-contact atomic force microscopy. Previous conferences were held in Regensburg, Germany (2019), Porvoo, Finland (2018), Suzhou, China (2017), Nottingham, UK (2016), Cassis, France (2015), Tsukuba, Japan (2014), Maryland, USA (2013), Cesk√Ĺ Krumlov, Czech Republic (2012), Lindau, Germany (2011), Kanazawa, Japan (2010), New Haven, USA (2009), Madrid, Spain (2008), Antalya, Turkey (2007), Kobe, Japan (2006), Bad Essen, Germany (2005), Seattle, USA (2004), Dingle, Ireland (2003), Montreal, Canada (2002), Kyoto, Japan (2001), Hamburg, Germany (2000), Pontresina, Switzerland (1999), Osaka, Japan (1998).

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