InSynX workshop

São Paulo, Brazil

The in Situ Synchrotron X-ray Methods Workshop

Nearly all problems which face society today are materials problems, whose answers require innovation across the materials sciences. Identifying structure-property relationships is critical for the design and exploitation of next generation of advanced materials.  This is true for example in the development of technologically important biomedical and energy harvesting materials, as well as for the development of new catalysts. Successfully identifying and exploiting material structure-property relationships requires thorough analysis of both material formation mechanisms and evolution during use. Success in both aspects can be only achieved through development and application of advanced technologies for time-resolved in situ and in operando materials characterization.

The InSynX workshop will generate a strong network of early career researchers (ECRs) and leading experts from Germany and Brazil. This network will address opportunities and prospects for advanced material characterization via time-resolved in situ synchrotron techniques. Beyond the extensive scientific discussions, InSynX will actively promote and facilitate networking and collaborative opportunities for ECRs and provide training and opportunities to ensure their longevity. Ultimately, InSynX aims to strengthen bilateral collaborations between Brazilian and German scientists and promote ongoing developments of synchrotron radiation for the in situ and in operando study of materials. The workshop will bring together experts and young researchers with existing Brazilian-German collaborations, and those seeking to develop such collaborations.

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