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The UVS 10/35 is a simple and easy to use UV light source for UPS and simple ARPES.

The UVS 300 is a real and unique duoplasmatron type discharge VUV light source. The discharge spot is confined to a small area, which makes this source the only available point source on the market.

The UVLS is a microwave plasma-based UV light source. It is based on a filamentless design and is therefore not subject to the filament ageing of electron impact plasma UV sources.

The TMM 304 is a toroidal mirror monochromator for laboratory UV sources, compatible with SPECS UVS 300 and UVLS sources. I t can be equipped with two cassettes which are optimized for specific wavelength. Switching the cassettes can be performed without breaking the vacuum. The light is guided towards the sample by a focusing ETC capillary resulting in small spot sizes and high photon densities.



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