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XR 50 M Dual X-ray Anodes ((Ag/Al) / (Al/Al))

High Performance Twin Anode (Al/Ag or Al/Al) X-Ray Source for XPS Applications

The XR 50 M is a high intensity twin anode (Al/Ag or Al/Al) X-ray source optimized for XPS experiments. It is used in combination with FOCUS 500/600 X-ray monochromator. The anode is made of silver to avoid any CuLα breakthrough. Due to the use of dual anodes it is possible to switch between two different incident energies without the need to vent the system. The electron optical design of the anode, filament and source housing guarantees maximum X-ray intensity and very low crosstalk between the anode faces.

A specially configured nose cone allows maximum access to the sample. A thin aluminium foil window over the end of the x-ray allows the source to be differentially pumped if required. The source housing may be pumped either via a series of integral direct pumping orifices or via a DN38CF bypass differential pumping port with the direct pumping orifice sealed by a cylindrical sleeve. In addition to the anode the anode housing is very efficiently water-cooled in order to reduce the damage of the sample by thermal effects during operation. Even during longterm operation the sample temperature is not increased by more than 5°C.


  •  Dual anode Al/Ag or Al/Al on silver
  •  Focusing and non-focusing modes of operation
  •  Spot size on anode 0.5 x 3.5 mm2 in focusing mode and 4 x 3.5 mm2 in non-focusing mode
  •  Power Al 150 W in focusing mode and 400 W in non-focusing mode
  •  Power Ag 260 W in focusing mode and 600 W in non-focusing mode
  •  With 3-axis manipulator with micrometer drives
  •  Weight 17 kg




XR 50 M Dual X-ray Anodes ((Ag/Al) / (Al/Al))

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Anode inner tube for XR 50 / XR-50 M / XR 50 HP

Water inlet flange for all XR 50 sources. SPECS recommends the exchange of this piece with every second anode axchange. Please also purchase 2055005929 Cu gasket