µ-FOCUS 500/600 NAP

µ-FOCUS 500/600 X-Ray Monochromator with Small Spot for Near Ambient Pressure Applications

The µ- FOCUS 500/600 NAP X-ray monochromator enables high resolution XPS measurements in near ambient pressure in the laboratory, without using the synchrotron facilities. The high performance monochromator is available with Rowland circle diameter of 500 mm for  µ-FOCUS 500, and 600 mm for µ-FOCUS 600 used in larger chambers. As well due to its overall compactness it also matches customer chambers as a bolt-on component. Al anode X-ray source is used in combination with this monochromator. The monochromator comes with NAP extension.The achieveble spot size varies between 250 μm (20 W max.) and larger than 1 mm (180 W max.), which is unique only to SPECS small spot monochromators.


  • Suitable for near ambient pressure applications
  • Mounting flange DN100CF
  • Al excitation line
  • Rowland Circle with 500 or 600 mm diameter
  • Guaranteed spot size on the sample of 250 µm
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