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Digital Power Unit for IQE 12 LE Ion Source. The Energy can be set in  0 - 500 eV Range with 0.1 V Steps.

PU-IQE 12 LE is a digital power set of 2 power supplies with integrated deflection units for IQE 12 LE ion source.The high energy unit has an energy range of 200-5000 eV and low energy unit 10-200 eV. The units are remotely controllable via IEC 488 and RS 232 interfaces, have a timer for stand alone operation and a storage capacity of up to 9 different parameter sets for different gases or experimental conditions. Extremely reliable emission current is achieved by a fully digitized regulation. It provides key stone correction of the scan area to generate flat crater bottoms on tilted samples as well as gating for depth profiling. The scan area remains constant over the whole ion energy range. Optionally, it can be provided with x-y analog input for operation with external scan generator.


  • Set of 2 power supplies with integrated deflection units for ion source IQE 12 Low Energy
  • High Energy (200 - 5000 eV) and Low Energy (10 - 200 eV) power units
  • Remote operation  via IEC 488 and RS232 interfaces
  • Key stone correction of scan area for tilted samples
  • Gating for depth profiling
  • Fully digitized emission current regulation
  • Constant scanned area over the whole ion energy range
  • Ideally suitable for charge compensation in PES, SEM applications