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Digital control power supply for the broad beam ion source IQE 11/35 from SPECS. With an energy range of 0 - 5keV is perfect for all sample surface cleaning applications

Experiments in Photoelectron Spectroscopy (PES) and Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) typically require sample surface cleaning, along with tip preparation for surface analysis.
The IQE 11/35 is an effective tool for this process, complemented by the benefits of the COSCON IS digital power supply.

The COSCON IS is both reliable and easy to handle. It features an energy range of 0 - 5 kV, fully digitized emission current regulation, a timer for stand-alone operation, and a storage of up to 16 different parameter sets for rapid recall. It can be controlled remotely via a web browser on any mobile or PC device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop through Ethernet, UDP or WiFi connection, and a touchscreen device can even be included with the power unit. Mobile control offers a great advantage, as the user can observe the sample and source while also inputting parameters, rather than being anchored to an instrument rack to turn the knobs manually. This flexibility offers a faster, more reliable preparation performance.
When the COSCON IS is part of a SPECS system, it can also be controlled via SpecsLab Prodigy software for advanced automation of the entire experiment.

SPECS offers a complete series of COSCON Power Units with identical handling and similar characteristics for several particle and photon sources, like the COSCON FG for the SPECS Flood Gun FG 22/35.


  • Fully digitalized power supply controlled via mobile or PC device
  • Easy remote control via Ethernet, UDP or WiFi
  • Option for an included mobile device
  • Continuous energy range from 0 to 5 keV
  • Continuous emission current range of 0 - 10 mA
  • Timer for unattended operation
  • Up to 16 preset parameter storage slots
  • Interlock control option
  • 19" rack compatible






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