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The Use of monochromatic excitation sources for photoelectron spectroscopy has many advantages like higher resolution and sensitivity, no satellites and lower background as well as reduced beam damage. The dual-anode FOCUS 500/600 X-ray monochromator series utilizes an ellipsoidal X-ray mirror in Rowland geometry offering a high X-ray energy dispersion. The X-ray source XR 50 M is specially designed for the use with the monochromator and delivers up to 600 W X-ray power. The duale-anode, Al and Ag, allows a changeover from monochromatized Al Kα and Ag Lα exciation with only minor adjustments and without breaking the vacuum.

The µ-FOCUS X-ray monochromator product line offers excellent monochromated small spot sources with adjustable spot sizes. In the µ-FOCUS 500/600 series spot sizes of down to 200 µm are available. For even smaller spot sizes adjustable between 50 and 500 µm the µ-FOCUS 350 is the perfect choice. All models are available in a version for near ambient pressure applications as well as a UHV compatible version.

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