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Upgrade from QT software V5/V5e to QT and SPM software V5/V5e

The Nanonis Tramea quantum transport measurement system and the Nanonis SPM control system base package share the same hardware. The upgrade includes all software functionality allowing to use Nanonis Tramea also as an SPM control system.

The upgrade is software-only and requires a Nanonis Tramea base configuration. After the uprade it will be possible to use the base configuration either for transport measurements with the Nanonis Tramea software, or as an SPM controller package for SPM measurements. The upgrade gives you access to our state of the art SPM control system within minutes with no additional hardware required.

All additional signal interfaces (TSC, TSO) and optional add-on modules will also be available in the SPM software (except modules which may not be available for the SPM control system)


  • Gives access to the full SPM control system software
  • Use your Nanonis Tramea quantum transport measurement system alternatively as a state of the art SPM contro system
  • Functionality can be installed within minutes
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