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Upgrade from BP4 to BP5e

Upgrading from a BP4 to a BP5e brings a significant performance increase and a vastly improved user interface. Moreover, the update ensures repairability and availability of spare parts.

The trade-in offer applies to all BP4 sold prior to 2010.

Nanonis SPM Control System Base Package 5
Base Package of the Nanonis SPM Control System: RC5 real-time controller and SC5 signal conversion interface
Nanonis SPM Control System Base Package 5
Base Package of the Nanonis SPM Control System: RC5 real-time controller, SC5 signal conversion interface and Nanonis SPM software

Nanonis V4 SPM control systems were introduced mid 2007 and discontinued in Q2 2013. Almost all these controllers are in operation allowing researchers to perform top notch scientific research. Nevertheless, the current generation of SPM controllers is significantly improved both in performance and usability. Moreover, spare parts for the first RC4 generation (serial number below 380) are no longer available.

The upgrade offers a straightforward path to current state of the art electronics and software, without requiring users to learn how to operate a completely different system.

Compatible instruments: 

  • RC4 with serial number below 380
  • All RC4 delivered before January 1st 2010

Not compatible for this upgrade:

  • All other RC4

The upgrade includes:

  • Replacement (trade-in) of RC4 and SC4 with a discounted BP5e

The OC4 oscillation controller can be reused after the upgrade. High-voltage amplifiers, piezo motor drivers and adaptation kits can also be reused.

EOL information for V4 systems:

The following discontinued V4 instrument models have reached their end-of-life and repairs cannot be guaranteed anymore:

  • RC4 with serial number below 380

In case of hardware failure the instruments might need to be replaced by an instrument of the currently available product line.

The following discontinued V4 instrument models can be repaired but not replaced anymore::

  • RC4 with serial number above and including 380
  • All SC4


  • Replacement of the V4 base package with a current generation V5 base package
  • Large performance increase
  • Significant amount of new features and measurement modes
  • Largely upgraded user interface
  • Repairability and spare parts guaranteed for the lifetime of the new system
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