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SO5 add-on for BP5/Bp5e

As SPM research evolves, the combination of multiple measurement techniques becomes more significant. This includes the ability to combine transport and SPM measurements, thus requiring an increased number of precision, low-noise voltage sources. At the same time multiple probes might be required to perform transport requirements, and that also requires multiple outputs to generate the X, Y, and Z voltages for the various probes. For such configurations, the number of required output channels grows much quicker than that of the required input channels, meaning that an additional SC5 with 8 input and 8 output channels might not provide enough output channels, and two SC5s might not be the most cost-effective solution.

The SO5 add-on is the ideal solution for such cases, as it provides 16 low-noise, low-drift, high precision outputs, seamlessly integrated into the Nanonis software. The SO5 add-on can be combined with up to two SC5 add-ons, leading to maxed-out configurations with 40 outputs and 24 inputs.

The SO5 analog outputs have identical specifications to the analog outputs of the SC5 (with the exception of the 22-bit hrdACâ„¢ mode) meaning no compromise on signal quality. And while increasing the number of channels normally means integrating external instruments, adapting the measurement software and potentially changing the workflow, with the Nanonis SPM Control System none of this is necessary. The additional SO5 signals are seamlessly integrated into the Nanonis software allowing immediate productivity. All SO5 channels can be accessed by the lock-in and function generator modules.


  • 16 additional high precision and low noise 20-bit analog outputs
  • Cost-effective extension for multiprobe operation
  • Ultra-low drift and drift between channels owing to a central temperature-stabilized voltage reference
  • Up to a total of 40 output channels with 1 SO add-on and 2 SC5 add-ons
  • Seamless integration of additional channels in the software
  • Lock-in modules and function generator can drive any of the 16 outputs to add a modulation or custom waveforms with frequencies up to 40 kHz
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