Scripting Tool QT SI 5

Script your own high-speed measurement sequences on the real-time system

Custom 2D-sweep script
This script runs spectroscopy measurement on 2 axes at high speed with custom parameters
SQUID characterization script
This script ramps a voltage and monitors an input channel. As soon as the input signal is above a certain threshold it stops the ramping and writes the last voltage to file

When speed and precise timing matter, measurement routines just can’t be fast enough. With a time-deterministic approach and 50 us time interval between commands, scripting significantly boosts execution speed and reduces measurement time.

The module is seamlessly integrated in standard measurement modules: Scripts can be easily called from other modules, and custom functions or pre-defined measurement can be started from within a script.

The scripting module is not intended as a replacement of the Nanonis Programming Interface, but as complementary module: It allows 100x faster execution speed while the Programming Interface offers more flexibility.


  • Fast and precise: Up to 20’000 commands/s executed on the real-time system
  • Seamless integration with standard modules and programming interface
  • FOR-loops for repeated measurement loops
  • IF-commands for conditional execution and real-time feedback
  • Data acquisition options for customized measurements 
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