The Nanonis PD5 combines the low-noise performance of the HVA4 with a ramp generator able to drive slip-stick piezo motors on 8 output lines. Able to drive piezo electrodes with capacitances below 5 nF, the PD5 does not offer the extreme performance as the PMD4, but is a cost-effective replacement for the HVA4 and PMD4 combination for piezo-motors with low capacitance.

Built with the greatest care, the Nanonis PD5 has the lowest noise on the market (same as the HVA4) with a measured value below 70μVrms in a bandwidth of 300kHz. Specifically designed for SPM applications, it is perfectly suited for atomic resolution imaging on a STM or AFM set-up.

With X, Y, Z inputs and outputs and 8 coarse motion outputs, the PD5 can handle any type of piezotube scanner and low-capacitance slip-stick motor. X, Y, and Z have independent turn-on switches with LED indicators. A Handset allows operation of coarse motion without software control.

Each axis has 4 selectable gains from 3 predefined set depending on the application: (1, 4, 7, 14); (1, 4, 10, 22) or (1, 4, 15, 40). The actual gain is indicated with an LED on the front panel and digitally read-back by the software for a consistent use. The Z- and AUX- channels have a inverter switch to change output polarity.


•8-channel piezo motor driver

•5-channel low-noise high voltage amplifier

•For low-capacitance piezo motors

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