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Mimea software upgrade for BP4

Some of the new features introduced with the BP5 are also available for the Nanonis BP4 with the V4.5 software upgrade (upgrade from V4 to V4.5). These features can add significan benefits, depending on the type of measurements performed with the BP4

Nanonis BP4
Nanonis BP4 consisting of RC4 and SC4

The BP5 introduced a large number of new features to the Nanonis SPM control system, ranging from speed to usability improvements. Many of these features require the BP5 hardware and could not be transferred to the BP4. Other features, like part of the added channel assignment flexibility or simultaneous scanning and spectroscopy, could be taken over from the BP5. These features are available with the V4.5 upgrade.

The major architectural change is the ability to select from 48 channels instead of only 24. This is particularly useful for dual-OC4 users, as the V4 software was limiting the number of inputs when using a dual OC4 set-up. This limitation does not exist anymore with the V4.5 upgrade.

The option to acquire high-resolution topography while performing spectroscopy experiments on a grid has also been added. Further usability improvements in the scan control module include the ability to paste multiple scanned images in the background for reference, Letterbox scanning, region-of-interest scanning and an improved scan inspector.

The SafeKey functionality is also enabled, preventing erroneous data entries when the user inadvertently deletes the prefix. Chart and graphs also have upgraded display options and a dual-channel oscilloscope with improved triggering has been added to the alreay available single channel one.

Compatible instruments:

  • RC4 with serial number above and including 380

Not compatible for this upgrade:

  • RC4 with serial number below 380
  • RTPC
  • First-generation PXI systems


  • Increase of internal number of channels from 24 to 48. Increase of available physical inputs for dual-OC4 users.
  • ScanGrid functionality for simultaneous scanning and spectroscopy measurements
  • SafeKey function for prevention of erroneous entries
  • Improved graph and chart display options
  • Dual-channel oscilloscope with post- and pre-trigger
  • Possibility to paste multiple images in the scan control background. Letterbox scanning and region of interest functionality.
  • Improved scan inspector


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