Highly Reliable Low Noise Preamplifier for KolibriSensor

With the new KolibriPreamp, the oscillation of the KolibriSensor can be detected with unprecedented precision. The noise floor is below 1fm/√Hz, one order of magnitude lower than achieved with traditional current-to-voltage converter setups and lower than achieved with even the best interferometric detection systems. With the KolibriPreamp, users of the KolibriSensor can obtain lower frequency noise, enabling faster scanning speeds and smaller oscillation amplitudes. The KolibriPreamp was developed by FEMTO® Messtechnik GmbH and takes advantage of their excellent know-how and experience with preamplifiers. Excellent characteristics are achieved also with relatively long wiring distances between the KolibriSensor and the KolibriPreamp’s input. In UHV systems, the KolibriPreamp is operated outside the vacuum chamber. The KolibriPreamp combines lowest-noise deflection detection with the great ease of use and reliability of external electronics. The KolibriPreamp seamlessly integrates with the Nanonis Oscillation Controller.


  • Extreme stability
  • Highest productivity
  • Combination with Aarhus 150 SPM