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The FEMTO preamp kit combines the well-known variable gain DLPCA-200 with the appropriate adaptor cables and software module for tight integration into Nanonis's SPM control system. Gain and bandwidth can be set directly from within the software.

The Femto DLPCA-200 Preamp kit combines the variable gain low noise current amplifier Femto® DLPCA-200 with the adapter cable and software module to operate it directly from a Nanonis Mimea SPM Control System or a Nanonis Tramea quantum transport measurement system.

The amplifier gain is switchable between 103 and 1011 on the fly from the software which also takes care of the appropriate calibration of the input signal. The amplifier is powered directly from the stabilized ±15 Vdc in the Nanonis SC5/TSC or SO5/TSO.

The preamplifier is ideally suited for scanning tunneling microscopy and any measurement requiring current amplification with a good balance between low noise and high bandwidth.

The package includes: Femto DLPCA-200 variable gain preamplifier, adapter cable to power and control the preamplifier (includes a signal cable) as well as the necessary software module. For Nanonis Mimea, software control is integrated in the current module, which sets the amplification and the correct current calibration. For Nanonis Tramea, software control is integrated in the user inputs module, where gain, calibration and offsets can be configured. 

If a Femto DLPCA-200 preamplfier is already available, it is possible to order the cable kit and software module only, without the preamplifier.

Full specifications of the Femto DLPCA-200 are available on the Femto® website


  • Femto variable gain preamplifier
  • Adaptation kit to connect the preamplifier to the Nanonis SPM control system
  • Software module to set the amplification and the correct current calibration


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