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Find out how the Nanonis software can respond to the highest demands in SPM applications. With its track record for reliability, the Nanonis controller can significantly increase day-to-day efficiency and productivity. Also, the completely redesigned user interface makes it even more enjoyable to master complex scientific experiments.

Nanonis SPM Control System Base Package 5
Base Package of the Nanonis SPM Control System: RC5 real-time controller, SC5 signal conversion interface and Nanonis SPM software

The Nanonis software is based on the latest developments in programming techniques and signal processing. With its modular architecture and multi-window application all data are acquired simultaneously and transmitted to all modules at all times. Only the windows and functions necessary for the current experiment need to be open compared of an interface with a single window that often will have irrelevant sections displayed  using valuable screen real estate. The window layout and settings can be stored and recalled at the click of a button for quick experiment switching.

The software design has been optimized for more efficient workflow, resulting in a streamlined and simpler design. With software-instruments becoming more and more of a standard, the software departs from its hardware ties and makes any user feel at home quicker thanks to its modern, yet timeless design.


  • Optimized user experience
  • 128 live signals
  • Interactive scan control with multipass scanning
  • Fully customizable 2D and 3D spectroscopy
  • Access to all signals with spectrum analyzers, graphs and oscilloscopes
  • Mathematical operations between signals in real-time
  • Open file format for all data
  • Simulation mode and free STM simulator
  • Upgrade path to Nanonis Tramea for quantum transport measurements
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